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The G1 practice test is your first step to driving freedom in Ontario. Study hard, practice lots of free sample tests, and be confident on test day to start your journey on the open road.

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Guide to Pass G1 Drive Test Center Course

The Essential Guide to Up-To-Date Information to book road test

Our practice tests are based on the latest official drivers’ study guide. The MTO updates its test requirements regularly. Don’t expect any surprises on the big day!

Pass Your Driving Test with Real-Test Questions

Do not be caught by surprise when taking your Toronto G1 Test. To help you prepare, we have designed our practice tests to be similar to the G1 road test. All topics are covered, including those in the G1 Driver’s Handbook.

Streamlined approach to readiness

We provide comprehensive answers to each G1 question so that you can learn quickly and efficiently. Each question is answered in detail so you can learn faster and more efficiently, before your driving test booking.

Get Confident Before Driving Test Day

You’ll feel confident entering the testing room after completing our G1 drive test center training course.

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Canadian Driving Test

Road Test Booking

The Best G1 Test Preparation Course for those who are looking to obtain their Ontario driver’s Licence offers comprehensive road test preparation, providing essential knowledge and practice materials to ensure your success on the exam. To book your exam, visit your local Ministry of Transportation website or service center, or go online to their official website.

  • Understand the G1 test questions and answers and you’ll be ready to pass it
  • Study more effectively with online practice tests and prepare for the G2 Test as well.
  • Free 2024 G1 Practice Tests to Help You Pass on Your First Try for the G License.


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Obtaining a truck driver license in Ontario involves meeting strict requirements, including written and practical exams, age restrictions, and health assessments. It ensures that qualified, skilled, and safe truck drivers operate on the province’s roads.

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I successfully passed the Alberta driving test with ease, thanks to comprehensive preparation from this website, the study materials were incredibly helpful. Highly recommended for success!

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Mack Mcguire

Santa Cruz, Alberta

I used the Toronto G1 Practice Test online to study the rules of the road and nail the exam on my second try. I highly recommend this website over apnatoronto to pass your theory test!.”

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Ellyn Garzon

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Passed the Drivers test effortlessly, thanks to invaluable resources. Clear guidelines and practice materials made preparation straightforward and effective. Five Stars to”

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How does the road test work?

Passing the Ontario G1 exam is the first step in the Canadian licensing system. You can then get a G1 driver’s license. After you have obtained your G1 license, you will be able to start driving G-class cars. This includes cars, small trucks, vans, and other vehicles. If you fail the G1 written exam, then you cannot begin the driving lessons in Ontario.

In January 2022, the cost of the G1 test in Ontario, Canada, was $158. This fee may change over time, so it’s advisable to check the most recent pricing from the official source or the Ontario Ministry of Transportation website.

The first 20 questions cover road signs. The next 20 are questions on the rules of the road. These questions are generally specific to each province. This allows them to account for unique requirements within each province, like Ontario.

The G1 drive test has 40 multiple-choice questions in two sections – Part A and Part B. You have to pass each section independently to be considered as passing the G1 written test. The official test is available in 17 languages.

The minimum passing score for the G1 test is 80%. You need to answer 16 questions correctly in each section of the test (16/20 x 2) to get a pass.

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