G1 Test Practice 6

The G1 Test Practice has changed over the years to prepare aspiring drivers for any challenges that they might face on their actual test. G1’s latest Test Practice 6 with 100 questions, is aligned with G1 standards for 2024. This will provide candidates with up-to-date and relevant preparation experience.

G1- Practice Test 6

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If you are involved in a collision, you must…?

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It is recommended that first aid kits should be carried by…?

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The best way to deal with a bleeding wound is…?

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You should only move injured people after a collision if…?


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It is mandatory to contact the police after a collision if anyone is injured or vehicle/property damage looks likely to exceed…?

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If you are involved in a collision where nobody is injured, you should…?

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Giving your information to any other party involved in a collision is…?

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If you have to inform the police after a non-injury collision, you should provide them with…?

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To drive efficiently, it is best to…?

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To drive efficiently you should try to avoid driving…?

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You can minimise your environmental footprint by…?

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Driving at high speed, you can improve fuel efficiency by…?

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Driving over the speed limit…?

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Driving at low speed, it is more fuel efficient to…?

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You should turn off your engine if you have to stop for more than…?

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Keeping your vehicle regularly maintained will…?

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Any fluid leaks from your vehicle should be…?

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Keeping your tires at correct pressure will…?

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When you are driving, alcohol should be consumed…?

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Before you enter an intersection, you should check for traffic…?

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You should not drive if you are feeling…?

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If you are not sure who has right of way, you should…?

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Your following distance to another vehicle should always be at least…?

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You should avoid distraction when driving by…?

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You should eliminate blind spots as much as possible by…?

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When you are driving, it is your responsibility to…?

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You should always drive…?

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You should not take chances by…?

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A white X-shaped sign with a red border means…?

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School zone signs are fluorescent…?

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What shape are yield signs?

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Temporary condition signs are diamond shaped and what colour?

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Information and direction signs are generally what colour?

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Stop signs mean that you must…?

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If a regulatory sign has a red circle in it, it means that the activity illustrated is…?

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A yield sign means what?

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Warning signs exist to alert drivers to…?


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If a regulatory sign has a green circle in it, it means that the activity illustrated is…?

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Warning signs are generally what shape?

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School zone signs indicate that you must…?

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Long Commercial Vehicle signs warn you that you are approaching a vehicle that can be up to what length?

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Stop signs are what shape?

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Regulatory signs are generally what shape?

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A flashing yellow traffic beacon means what?

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At a green light you may turn left or right or go straight on having…?

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A vertical white bar on a dark background above regular traffic signals, when lit, indicates what?

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A flashing red light at an intersection means what?

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You may turn right at a red light, or left from one one-way road into another, if…?

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If a light turns red when you are in an intersection waiting to make a turn, you should…?

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A yellow/amber light means what?

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When the orange hand appears on a pedestrian signal, pedestrians already on the crossing must…?

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Pedestrians already on a crossing have priority over motor vehicles…?

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At pushbutton controlled intersections, pedestrians…?

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On main roads crosswalks are controlled by traffic lights; on smaller crossroads they are controlled by…?

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At a crosswalk, all road users must stop without crossing the line and yield to pedestrians…?

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Traffic travelling in opposite directions is separated by…?

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Lines on your left hand side that are wider and closer together than ordinary broken lines usually indicate…?

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Traffic travelling in the same direction is separated by…?

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At a stop line, you must…?

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You may not cross a solid line to pass if it is…?

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At an intersection with no crosswalk, stop line or sidewalk, you must…?

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A licensed applicant must begin the entire licensing procedure from scratch if their license has been cancelled, suspended, or expired for more than…?

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To renew your license, you must provide…?

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When driving in Ontario, you must have your license with you…?

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Drivers aged 80+ must renew their license once every…?

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When applying to renew their license, a driver aged 80+ may be asked to…?

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Drivers who do not complete the entire graduated license program within the appointed time may re-qualify for an additional period by…?

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Apart from class M1 drivers, novice drivers in Ontario must pass the entire graduated license program within…?

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If you change your name or address, you must inform the Ministry of Transportation within…?

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To change your name or address or both on your license costs…?

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Under what circumstances is it permissible to lend your driver’s license to anyone else?

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Under what circumstances is it permissible for you to drive using someone else’s license?

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How many Ontario driver’s licenses can a single person legally hold?

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Under what circumstances is it permissible to alter an Ontario driver’s license?

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New drivers who breach the points limit will receive a license suspension of…?

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Accessibility to Latest G1 Practice Test Questions 2024:

  1. Convenience, Flexibility: G1 Test Practice 6 is accessible from a variety of devices. You can practice using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The flexibility of the G Test allows you to integrate your study sessions with your daily schedule.
  2. Online AccessibilityIt is easier to prepare for the G1 exam by studying online. Online access eliminates the requirement for study material, allowing a smooth and efficient experience.G1 Free Test Practice:G1 Test is a free option that candidates can use. It is now possible for individuals to access high-quality preparation materials without any financial restrictions, increasing the chances of success.

Latest G1 test practice questions 2024:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage:The latest G1 Practice Test 6 contains 100 questions and covers all the possible topics on the G1 exam. The extensive questions in this set ensure a complete understanding of traffic signs, road rules and safe driving techniques.
  2. Formats for a variety of questions:G1 Test includes multiple formats of questions, including true/false and scenario-based. The diversity of questions prepares the candidates to face the wide range of G1 question types.
  3. Instant Feedback:G1 Practice Test provides instant feedback for each question. Candidates can assess their performance instantly. Instant feedback improves learning by allowing for a more targeted approach.
  4. Focused improvement:It is important to identify areas where you are weak. G1 Test Practice helps candidates identify specific topics and question types that may require additional practice. This allows for focused, efficient study sessions.

Punjabi Speaking Individuals:

  1. Language Accessibility: G1 test can be difficult for those who prefer to speak Punjabi. G PracticeTest is designed to overcome this language barrier. It offers questions that are concise and clear, making it accessible to Punjabi speakers.
  2. Cultural Sensitivity: Effective communication requires that you understand the subtle cultural differences of Punjabi speakers. G1’s latest Test Practice 6 is sensitive to cultural differences, and ensures that the questions are written in a manner that appeals to Punjabi-speaking individuals.
  3. Enhancing Comprehension:G1 Test Practice 6 uses language that is intended to improve comprehension by Punjabi speakers. The use of clear and direct language reduces any ambiguity and ensures that the candidates are able to understand each question and answer it.
  4. G1 Latest Test Practice Questions:G1 Test Practice 6 is the most recent G1 practice test, featuring 100 questions based on the standards of 2024. This practice resource will help you prepare for the G1 exam by providing up-to date and relevant questions.
  5. G1 Practice Test 100 Questions:G1 Mock Test offers a 100-question set to help you prepare for the G1 exam. The comprehensive G1 sample Test Practice 6 set covers all G1 topics and prepares you for different scenarios.
  6. G1 Practice Tests Free:Get the G1 Test Mock for free and prepare to pass your G1 exam. The latest G1 Sample Test is a cost-effective tool that allows candidates of all financial levels to take advantage of comprehensive training.
  7. G1 test Easy for Punjabi Speaking people:G1 Mock Practice is designed for Punjabi speakers to make it easy. These questions are designed to ensure effective communication by focusing on clarity and cultural awareness.
G1 Test Practice 6

The G1 Test Practice 6 is a great tool to help you prepare for the G1 exam. This resource, which contains 100 questions based on the standards of 2024, is accessible, efficient, and tailored to meet the needs. G1 Exam Mock Test will help you to improve your G1 score and become more knowledgeable about driving on Ontario’s roads.

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