PDF G1 Practice Test 4

It’s important to know the G1 test structure in Canada before you can understand PDF G1 practice tests. The written test is intended to measure your understanding of road signs and traffic laws. The G1 is required to obtain a learner’s Permit.

G1- Practice Test 4

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You should not park within what distance of an intersection without traffic lights?

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You should not park anywhere you are blocking a…?

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You should never leave your vehicle with…?

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You should not park within what distance of an intersection with traffic lights?

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You should not park within what distance of the public entrance to a hall, theatre or hotel that is open to the public?

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Parking rules will…?

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If you have to stop and there is no dedicated parking space, you should…?

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To help make a proper shoulder check when leaving your car you should open your driver’s door with…?

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You should not park within what distance of a fire hydrant?

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You must not park within what distance of the nearest rail of a railway crossing?

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You should not park anywhere where it is not possible to see clearly for a minimum of how far in both directions?

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You should not park within what distance of a bridge?

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A parking permit for someone with a disability can only be used with a vehicle…?

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A traveller disability permit allows the holder to park where?

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Temporary permits are issued for disabilities that are not permanent but will last more than…?

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Parking permits for those with temporary disabilities are what colour?


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Parking permits for those with a permanent disability have to be renewed how often?

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Traveller disability permits are what colour?

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Parking permits for those with a permanent disability are what colour?

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A company permit for organisations using vehicles to transport people with disabilities is what colour?

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You should always park parallel unless…?


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Once you have finished your parking manoeuvre in a manual transmission vehicle, which gear should you select?

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To commence parallel parking, you should find a space that is approximately how much longer than your vehicle?

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Parallel parking means being parked…?

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You should commence reversing to parallel park with your steering wheel…?

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When parallel parking you should always park…?

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if you park facing uphill on a road without a curb, what should you do with your front wheels?

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If you park facing uphill on a road with a curb, what should you do with your front wheels?

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If you park facing downhill, what should you do with your front wheels?

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If you have to stop briefly at the roadside, you should stop a maximum of what distance from the curb or verge?


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If you have to stop briefly at the roadside, you should…?

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Pulling away from a roadside stop, the last thing you should do before moving is…?

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Pulling away from a roadside stop into heavy traffic, you should…?

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Pulling away from a roadside stop into light traffic, you should…?

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If you are driving on the freeway and are approaching the point that an entrance ramp joins, you should…?

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If you are on an entrance ramp joining a freeway on the left, you will have to join…?

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As you join a freeway from an entrance ramp, you should…?

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Driving on the entrance ramp to a freeway, you should…?

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Safe drivers on a freeway…?

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On the freeway, left-hand lanes should be used…?

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Driving on the freeway, you should be anticipating what will happen up to the place you will be in…?

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Driving on the freeway, you should leave plenty of space…?

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Leaving a freeway, you should start slowing down…?

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If it is not possible to get across to your exit on the freeway, you should…?

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As you reach the end of an exit ramp you may face…?

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Commercial vehicles cannot use an HOV lane if they exceed what length?

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Which of these vehicles can use an HOV lane even if they are only carrying one person?

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Ordinary traffic lanes are usually separated from HOV lanes with…?

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High Occupancy Vehicle lanes are normally designed for vehicles carrying…?

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If someone else drives illegally, what should you do about it?

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If you have to use your horn when driving, you should…?

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If an aggressive driver starts following you, the best thing to do is…?

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On long trips you should…?

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If you feel stressed when driving, what should you do?

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Which of these behaviours may provoke road rage?

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You can avoid upsetting other drivers by…?

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The best thing to do if you feel drowsy is…?

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If you find you are showing signs of drowsiness, you should…?

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Drivers are most likely to be drowsy…?

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Being drowsy can affect your driving because…?

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As you approach a construction zone, you should…?

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If there is only one line available for traffic on a construction site, what should you do?

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If a construction worker gives you an instruction when driving, you should…?

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Speeding on a construction site is punishable by a fine which will be how much greater than normal fines?

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As you drive through a construction site, you should always be prepared to…?

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You should be particularly watchful for animals during…?

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You must report collisions with which animals to the Ministry of Natural Resources or to local police?

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When watching out for animals you should monitor…?

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If you see an animal at the roadside, you should sound your horn and…?

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If an animal is in the road, you should…?

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When you are driving in Ontario you may come into conflict with animals on…?

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One of the best ways of spotting animals when driving is to…?

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To spot animals when driving it is best to…?

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Which of these can be a distraction when driving?

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Which of these is a good way to avoid being distracted when driving?

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The average score is 66%


PDF G1 Practice Test Benefits:

  1. Accessibility and Portability: The PDF G1 Practice Tests are portable, so you can access the study material on a variety of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops. It is possible to study anywhere and anytime. This makes it an ideal option for busy individuals.
  2. Test Simulator: The PDF G1 Practice Tests closely mimic the conditions and format of the G1 actual test. These practice tests simulate the environment of the real test, helping you become familiar with its structure, questions, and timing. This will reduce anxiety on the day of your actual exam.
  3. Cost-Effective Preparation:Many G1 PDF practice tests can be downloaded for free, or for a small fee. This makes them an affordable option for those preparing to take the G1 exam. The affordability of these resources ensures they are available to all aspiring drivers.
  4. Interactive Learning Experience: PDF G1 Practice Tests often have interactive elements such as explanations and clickable answers. The interactive experience is engaging, provides instant feedback to users and helps them retain key concepts.
  5. Study at Your Own Pace: The PDF G1 Practice Tests allow you to study at your own pace. This flexibility can be especially beneficial to individuals who have different learning styles and are limited by time.

PDF G1 Practice Test Features:

  1. Formats for a variety of questions: The PDF G1 tests include many different question types, which are similar to the questions you may encounter on the G1 exam. You will be well prepared for a variety of question formats, such as multiple choice, true/false and scenario-based.
  2. Explanation of the Detailed Response: The PDF G1 Practice Tests include detailed explanations of the answers. You can view the explanations for both correct and wrong answers after completing your practice tests. This will help you better understand why you made each choice.
  3. Topic-Specific Practice: Practice PDF G1 tests are often targeted at specific topics. These tests allow you to practice specific topics, such as road signs, driving rules or safe practices.
  4. Scalability of Intensive Preparation: When your G1 exam date is approaching, you can use PDF practice tests to prepare for the test in a more intensive way. The PDF G1 Practice Tests are scalable, so you can choose whether to focus on certain sections or complete the full length practice test.
  5. Accessibility and Instant Download:You can download PDF practice G1 tests instantly. This allows you to start your preparation right away. You can start your G1 preparation immediately with this quick access.
  6. PDF Test Preparation for Use PDF practice tests to improve your preparation for the G1 exam. The resources provide a realistic simulation with a variety of question formats and answer explanations.
  7. Canadian Test Practice Material: Download quality Canadian G1 practice material in PDF format. The resources are interactive and offer self-paced, cost-effective study sessions. They cater to all types of learners.
  8. Canadian G1 practice tests at affordable prices: Browse affordable Canadian G1 Practice Tests in PDF Format. Cost-effective and high-quality resources are available to help Canadians prepare for their driver’s license.
  9. Interactive G1 Test Learning Experience: Practice PDF G1 tests to immerse yourself into an interactive experience. Engaging study materials will help you to gain a comprehensive understanding of road signs and traffic laws.
  10. Canadian Practice Tests G1 for Self-Paced Learning You can also choose to learn at your own pace by using Canadian G1 Practice Tests in PDF format. You can progress at your own speed with these resources, which accommodate a variety of learning styles and schedules.
PDF G1 Practice Test

Mastering the G1 exam is an important step in your journey toward obtaining a Canadian driver’s license. With their portable nature, realistic simulations, and interactive elements, PDF G1 tests are a great supplement to traditional study material. These practice tests can help you to improve your G1 exam results and become more confident on Canadian roads.

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