Canadian Free G1 Driving Practice Test Questions 3

It’s important to know the importance of the Canadian Driving Test before you can begin taking Online G1 Practice Test. This test will assess whether you’re a first-time driver or new to Canada. It also measures your knowledge of Canadian road rules and regulations. The Canadian Driving Test must be passed in order to obtain a driving license.

G1- Practice Test 3

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Failure to stop for a school bus showing flashing red lights may be punished with a large fine and…?

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Approaching a school bus with flashing red lights from behind, you must stop at least…?

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School bus laws apply on…?

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Approaching a school bus with flashing red lights on a road with no median strip, you must stop…?


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All Ontario school buses are…?

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After stopping for a school bus you must not resume driving until…?

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Pedestrians on a crossover may indicate they wish to cross by activating the light signals or…?

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Once you have stopped for pedestrians at a crossover, you should not move until…?

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You should not pass any vehicles within what distance of a pedestrian crossover?

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When turning right, you should make your manoeuvre from…?

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When you’re turning a corner, you should make your signal…?

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With sharp turns, you should steer…?

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You can start to increase speed when turning…?

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You should have finished braking for a turn before…?

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When making a turn, you should…?

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Making a turn, you should check…?

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Making a right turn you should go from where to where on the highway?

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When turning right, how should you deal with two wheeled vehicles?

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If you are turning right into a three-lane road, which lane should you enter?

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You can make a right turn on a red light provided…?

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To make a right turn on a red light you must…?

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You can only make a right turn on a red light after you have…?

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If an oncoming vehicle is turning left at the same time as you, you should pass it…?

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Waiting at an intersection to turn left, you should keep your wheels pointed…?

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If a two-wheeled vehicle is turning left ahead where you want to do the same, you should…?

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If you want to turn left, you should begin your turn from…?

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Left turn lanes are marked by…?

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Left turn lanes are not…?

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If you turn left on a red light you must give way to…?

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If you turn left on a red light you must…?

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You may turn left on a red light if you are turning…?

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You must travel around a roundabout…?

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At a roundabout, who has right of way?

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You should start signalling for your exit from a roundabout…?

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If you miss your roundabout exit, you should…?

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Following a large vehicle around a roundabout, you should…?

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If an emergency vehicle appears behind you when you are on a roundabout, what should you do?

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If an emergency vehicle appears behind you when you are waiting to enter a roundabout, what should you do?

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Backing up requires…?

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When you are backing up, you should check…?

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Unless you are assisting another person in difficulty, you must not reverse on a divided road where the speed limit exceeds…?

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If you miss your turn or drive too far down a road, the safest thing to do to go back is to…?

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The first thing to do when contemplating a U-turn is…?

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You should not make a U-turn unless you can see clearly in both directions for at least…?

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You should never make a U-turn near…?

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You should begin a U-turn by…?

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U-turns should be commenced from…?

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A three point turn should begin with…?

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Three-point turns should never be attempted near…?

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Lane changes should be made…?

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Switching on your signal when chaning lanes…?

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Lane changes should be made…?

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Once you have detemined it is safe to change lanes, as you move you should…?

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The first thing to do when you want to change lanes is what?

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You must not cross the centreline of the road if you are what distance from a bridge, tunnel or viaduct?

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When you have made a pass, you should not move back into the original line until you can see what in your inside mirror?

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If you want to make a pass, you should make sure there is plenty of room in the passing lane…?

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If a vehicle you are trying to pass accelerates as you do so, what should you do?

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If someone is passing you in the oncoming traffic lane, you should…?

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When passing a motorcyclist or cyclist, you should use…?

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You must never pass a moving…?

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You should not make a passing manoeuvre unless…?

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You must not make a passing manoeuvre within what distance of a pedestrian crossing?

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If another vehicle is coming up behind you and wants to pass, what should you do?

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As you approach another vehicle at night, what should you do with your headlights?

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As you pass another vehicle at night, at what point should you turn your high beams back on?

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Passing/climbing lanes are for…?

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Passing/climbing lanes are situated…?

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The right hand shoulder may be used to pass the vehicle that is turning left only if…?

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You may use the left-hand shoulder for passing…?

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Passing on the right may be done if…?

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If you are in the far left lane and your approach a slow moving vehicle, your best option is to…?

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You do not have to wait behind a stopped streetcar if…?

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When a streetcar is stopped, you must wait a minimum of what distance behind the rear doors when passengers are disembarking or embarking?

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Except on one-way roads, you should pass streetcars…?

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Brampton G1 Test Practice : An Important Preparation Tool

  1. Accessible at any time and anywhere: You can access online G1 practice exams from your home. You can tailor your studies to fit your busy schedule. This makes it easy to incorporate preparation into daily life.
  2. Simulating real test conditions: Apnatoronnto G1 Tests closely reflect the format and structure of the Canadian Driving Test. These practice tests simulate real-life test conditions and help you become familiar with the format. This will reduce test anxiety, boost confidence, and decrease test-day stress.
  3. Coverage of all test topics:G1 online practice tests include a variety of topics such as road signs, driving rules and safe practices. The comprehensive coverage will ensure that you’re prepared for all the questions on the Canadian Driving Test.
  4. Performance Evaluation and Instant Feedback: Online G1 tests offer immediate feedback. You will receive immediate results as well as a detailed analysis of your performance after completing the test. You can identify your strengths and weaknesses to help you focus on the areas that need improvement.
  5. An Adaptable Experience for Learning:You can customize your G1 online practice test experience by using customizable features. Online practice tests can be tailored to suit your learning style, whether you like timed or untimed sessions and quizzes.
  6. Cost-Effective Preparation:Many online practice tests for G1 are free or very affordable. The affordability of these resources ensures they are available to all, no matter what their financial situation.
  7. Tracking ProgressYou can track your progress using online G1 tests. You can track your progress and gauge your improvement. This will motivate you to continue your preparation.
  8. Canadian driving test preparation: Canadian G1 practice Tests will help you prepare for the Canadian Driving Test. The tests are comprehensive and cover many topics to ensure you have the knowledge needed for your test.
  9. G1 Simulation Practice Test: Easy and Computer based Driver’s license G1 Practice Tests that are closely modeled after the actual test will help you to simulate the driving conditions and the format of the Canadian Driving Test. Realistic test simulations can help you gain confidence and lessen test anxiety.
  10. If you want to learn how to read road signs and traffic rules, then you can practice: Melton G1 Driving Practice Tests will help you to improve your understanding of traffic signs and rules. These materials provide a targeted approach to the topics that are covered on the Canadian Driving Test.
  11. How to Identify Weaknesses in the Canadian Driving Test: Free G1 Driving practice questions to help you identify areas where you need more attention in preparation for the Canadian Driving Test. Study sessions can be tailored to specific problems and challenges in order to improve your overall preparedness.
  12. Canadian driving test confidence boost: Canada G1 Driving License Practice Tests will help you gain confidence in your driving test. Get instant feedback and familiarize yourself with the test format. Track your progress to ensure a positive test-day experience.
Online G1 Practice Test

The Canadian Driving Test can be a major achievement that opens up new freedoms on Canadian roads. With their ease of use, simulations of real test conditions, and thorough coverage of topics, online G1 practice exams are a key factor in your success. These practice tests can help you improve your driving skills and knowledge by strategically including them in your routine.

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