Official G1 Practice Test 9

The Ministry of Transportation Ontario administers the Official G1 Test and evaluates your knowledge of driving fundamentals. The G1 test, which is required to pass the Ontario graduated licensing system (G2 and G3) leads you towards a G2 licence.

G1- Practice Test 9

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Off-road vehicles may be driven in Ontario by anyone aged…?

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Unless operating an off-road vehicle on the private property of the owner of the vehicle, a helmet is…?

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The youngest age for a person to drive a snowmobile in Ontario with the appropriate license is…?

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The only place it is not a legal requirement for a snowmobile user to wear an approved helmet is…?

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You may only drive a snowmobile on or near railway tracks…?

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Passengers must not ride in a towed trailer except…?

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If you need to tow a trailer, you must consider whether your vehicle is…?

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What percentage of collisions occurring while towing do not involve another vehicle?

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Drivers with a G1, G2 or G license may tow trailers with a gross vehicle weight of up to…?

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Anybody moving to Ontario has how long to register any vehicles they have brought with them?

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Every vehicle registered in Ontario must carry automobile insurance except…?

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If you are involved in an automobile collision, make sure you get detailed bills for…?

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License plates in Ontario are linked to…?

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If you are involved in an automobile collision, you should note down…?

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You should never use tires on your vehicle that are more than what age?

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If you are uncertain that any part of your vehicle is unsafe, you should…?

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If your vehicle, equipment or trailer is declared unsafe by police officers or Ministry of Transportation inspectors, you may have to…?

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Tires must be replaced when their tread is below…?

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The greatest danger of exhaust leaks affecting a driver comes during…?

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You should check your vehicle to ensure that it is safe…?

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It is legal to use studded tires during winter in which part of Ontario?

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Your tires must have a tread over 3 mm deep if your vehicle weighs more than…?

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Police officers and Ministry of Transportation inspectors have a right to check your vehicle…?

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Keeping your vehicle in a good state of maintenance will help you…?

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The remdial measures program applies to residents of which Canadian provinces when driving in Ontario?

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The remedial measures program applies to all residents of Ontario who commit Criminal Code breaches when driving in any Canadian province and the US states of…?

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Ministry of Transportation driver improvement interviews must be completed…?

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Killing somebody when driving impaired carries a maximum prison sentence of…?

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Injuring somebody when driving impaired carries a maximum prison sentence of…?

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Repeat drug/drive and drinks/driver offenders in Ontario may be fined as much as…?

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You should be especially careful about the interaction between medical drugs and…?

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Driving may be impaired by…?

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If you are impaired by alcohol or drugs, you can be charged…?

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Drivers must have a BAC of zero when driving if aged…?

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Providing samples of beath and/or bodily fluids, and undertaking field sobriety tests, when ordered by a police officer is…?

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You may be charged with impaired driving if…?

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Refusing to comply with the legal demands of a police officer, driving when under a license suspension under the HTA, driving without an ignition interlock when it has been mandated, or driving with a BAC of 0.8+ can result in an immediate vehicle impoundment for…?

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A vehicle being driven by a person whose license is suspended for an offence under the criminal code will be impounded…?

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Any person found driving when their license has been suspended for an offence under the Criminal Code will have the vehicle they are driving impounded for not less than…?

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Driving while prohibited incurs a suspension of how long for a first offence?

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Driving while prohibited incurs a suspension of how long for a second offence?

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A driver whose licence is suspended may drive…?

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The average score is 77%


Official G1 Practice Test Questions:

  1. Test format familiarization: Official G1 Practice Test Questions are essential in familiarizing the candidates with the test format. These practice questions reduce anxiety by simulating test conditions.
  2. Reminding Drivers of Traffic RulesThe Official G1 Practice Test questions include a variety of rules and regulations pertaining to traffic. By answering these questions repeatedly, you will gain a better understanding of traffic rules and regulations, including those governing right of way, intersections, speed limits, etc.
  3. Enhancing road sign recognition: Official G1 Practice Test questions often include scenarios involving road signs. It helps you improve your ability to quickly and accurately recognize different signs.
  4. Simulating Real Driving Scenarios: The Official G1 Practice Test Questions simulate real-life driving situations. These questions will expose you to different situations that you might encounter while driving, and help you develop critical thinking.

The Benefits of G1 Test Questions and Answers pdf:

  1. Coverage of all topics: The Official G1 Practice Test Questions are based on a wide range of topics and may be found in the real test. These include questions on road signs, traffic laws, parking maneuvers, and emergency situations.
  2. Feedback to Continuous Improvement: Many official platforms offer immediate feedback on each question. This is a great way to identify areas where candidates need improvement and weaknesses.
  3. Convenience and Accessibility: Online, candidates can often access official G1 test practice questions. This allows them to work at their own convenience and pace. It is easier to fit study sessions in with this accessibility.
  4. Cost-Effective Preparation: Many of the official G1 practice test resources are free or available at minimal costs. The cost-effectiveness of the materials ensures all candidates can have access to high-quality preparatory material, regardless of their financial situation.

Strategies to Improve Official G1 Practice test pdf:

  1. Practice sessions that are consistent: Plan regular, consistent sessions of practice with the Official G1 Practice Questions. Establishing a regular routine will help you reinforce your knowledge, and make sure that all topics are covered.\
  2. Focus on weak areas: You can identify weak points by using the feedback from practice platforms. You should spend more time on difficult topics and question types to ensure a balanced preparation.
  3. Exam Simulator: Simulate exam conditions in your practice sessions as you get closer to your G1 test. To improve your test readiness, time yourself, minimize distractions, and create an atmosphere that is similar to the actual G1 exam setting.
  4. Utilize Multiple Practice Platforms: You can practice on a variety of official G1 platforms. The questions may be presented in different formats on various platforms, allowing for a comprehensive experience.
  5. Official G1 Test Practice Resources: Discover official G1 practice test resources to improve your preparation. These resources provide comprehensive preparation for the G1 exam.
  6. G1 Practice Test Questions: Online G1 practice test questions are available for easy and convenient preparation. Candidates can practice their G1 test at their own pace using online platforms.
  7. Instant Feedback on G1 Practice Tests: You will receive immediate feedback when you practice G1 rules test questions. Receive real-time feedback to help you improve your exam readiness.
  8. G1 Practice Test Resources for Free: Discover free resources to prepare for the G1 exam. You can access high-quality questions for free, making it accessible to all.
  9. Comprehensive G1 Test Preparation: With official questions that cover a wide range of topics, you can prepare for the G1 exam. Develop confidence in the use of traffic signs and road rules and learn how to handle practical driving situations.
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The Official G1 Practice Test Questions will be a valuable tool for those preparing to take the test and obtain their driver’s licence in Ontario. Candidates can reinforce their traffic signs and rules of the road by interacting with these practice questions. Success on the G1 exam is achievable with the correct strategies and consistent practice. Let Official G1 Practice Questions guide you on your exciting journey to obtaining your license.

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