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The top 10 car insurance companies in Canada

The cost of car insurance is often the largest expenditure associated with operating and owning a vehicle. Statistics Canada’s (StatCan) most recent figures show that there are nearly 40 million vehicles registered in Canada. This means drivers must legally purchase coverage. The number of auto insurance providers is overwhelming, and finding the policy that best suits your needs can be a challenge.
Choosing a cheaper policy can sometimes be attractive. However, drivers can lose more if they choose policies that offer insufficient protection. Canadian drivers must understand their choices and how much coverage each policy provides to make the most of their car insurance.

Comparison of Canadian Car Insurance

It’s important to note that specific prices can vary based on individual circumstances such as driving history, location, type of vehicle, coverage levels, and more. Also, the features offered by each company may differ, so it’s recommended to directly contact the insurance providers for personalized quotes and detailed information. Here’s a simplified comparison:

Insurance CompanyFeaturesPrice Range (Monthly)
Intact Insurance– Various coverage options<br>- Multi-policy discounts<br>- Accident forgiveness$100 – $300
Aviva Canada– Comprehensive coverage<br>- Optional add-ons<br>- Discounts for safe drivers$90 – $250
Desjardins– Telematics program (Ajusto)<br>- Bundle discounts<br>- 24/7 claims support$80 – $220
TD Insurance– Optional roadside assistance<br>- Multiple discounts available<br>- Enhanced coverage options$90 – $270
Co-operators– Personalized coverage options<br>- Member benefits<br>- Discounts for combining policies$80 – $230
Allstate Insurance– Drivewise program for safe driving discounts<br>- Multi-policy discounts<br>- Claim satisfaction guarantee$100 – $280
State Farm Canada– Multiple coverage options<br>- Loyalty discounts<br>- 24/7 claims support$95 – $250
Belairdirect– Quick online quotes<br>- Bundle discounts<br>- Accident forgiveness$85 – $260
RSA Canada– Comprehensive coverage options<br>- Discount programs<br>- 24/7 claims support$90 – $240
Economical Insurance– Customizable coverage options<br>- Group discounts<br>- 24/7 claims service$85 – $250

Please note that the prices provided are approximate and can vary significantly based on individual factors. Additionally, the features listed are general offerings, and each company may have additional benefits or specific terms and conditions. Always ensure to contact the insurance companies directly for accurate quotes and detailed information tailored to your needs.

The importance of choosing car insurance companies

In Canada, car insurance is essential for many reasons. It benefits both the driver and society. These are the main reasons why car insurance is important:

Requirement by law: It is mandatory to carry car insurance in Canada. Every province or territory sets its own minimum coverage requirements. Driving a car without insurance can lead to serious penalties and fines as well as possible license suspension.

Financial protection: Auto insurance offers financial security in the event of an accident, theft or any other unforeseeable events. Insurance is essential to protect individuals from the financial strain of replacing or repairing their cars and paying for medical costs for them and other people involved in an accident.

Liability Insurance: Auto insurance provides liability coverage that protects drivers financially in the event they are held responsible for an accident causing injury to another person or damage to their property. It is important to have this coverage in order for those who are injured by an accident to receive compensation.

Peace Of Mind: Knowing you’re covered by insurance gives peace of mind. Insurance allows you to concentrate on the recovery process and solving issues, rather than worry about financial consequences.

Assistance for injured parties: Auto insurance covers medical costs and rehabilitation expenses for injuries suffered in an accident. The support provided by car insurance is vital for those injured in an accident to recover and be well.

Uninsured Drivers Protection: Insurance policies in Canada often cover accidents involving under- or uninsured motorists. You are covered even if you do not believe the other party is insured.

Insurers’ Financial Stability: Insurance companies benefit from car insurance to maintain their financial stability, which allows them to pay claims and offer services. It is vital that the insurance sector remains stable and continues to provide coverage for drivers.

Risk management: Insurance companies are crucial in managing risk. In determining premiums, they take into consideration the probability of an accident and its associated costs. It helps spread the risks among the policyholders and maintains the financial sustainability of the system.

Car insurance

Names of car insurance companies

This is a listing of the top 10 car insurance providers in Canada.

  1. Intact Insurance
  2. TD Insurance
  3. Desjardins Insurance
  4. Aviva Canada
  5. The Co-operators
  6. Allstate Insurance Company of Canada
  7. State Farm Canada
  8. Belairdirect
  9. Affordable Insurance
  10. RSA Canada

It’s best to compare car insurance quotes, options for coverage, and reviews of customers before choosing the right company. Consider the requirements of your particular province. Check the most recent information, including customer ratings and satisfaction.

Intact Insurance

Intact Insurance has been recognized as one of Canada’s most reputable insurance providers for their comprehensive coverage and dedication to customers. Intact Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in Canada. It offers many insurance products such as auto insurance. It is well-known for offering tailored solutions to satisfy the needs of customers. Intact’s auto policies cover all the requirements mandated by each province while providing additional protection options. Intact’s digital tools streamline the claim process to enhance customer satisfaction. Its financial stability and reliability are the foundation of its reputation in Canada’s insurance market. For those seeking comprehensive auto coverage and personalized customer service, Intact Insurance has become a top choice.

TD Insurance

TD Insurance is a major player on the Canadian insurance landscape. It’s a subsidiary company of Toronto-Dominion Bank Group (TD Bank Group). TD Insurance is known for being committed to its customers and offering financial stability. It offers a variety of products, including auto insurance, to suit the needs of Canadians. TD Insurance offers flexible insurance coverage and strives for simplicity in the process. Its association with TD Bank Group allows it to provide bundled services, allowing its customers to conveniently combine their banking and insurance needs. TD Insurance’s user-friendly platforms online and its efficient claim processing enhance the customer experience. TD Insurance is a trusted and reliable financial institution that offers a wide range of auto insurance products.

Desjardins Insurance

Desjardins Insurance operates as part of the Desjardins Group and is one of Canada’s most reputable insurers. With a focus on the cooperative model, this company puts the members’ needs first and stands out from the competition. Desjardins Insurance, which offers an extensive range of insurance policies, such as auto insurance, emphasizes innovative solutions and customer-centric approaches. Ajusto is a new telematics-based program designed to encourage safe driving. This shows the commitment of Desjardins Insurance to keep up with industry trends. Desjardins Insurance has a sense of responsibility that aligns it with cooperative values. It also actively participates in community projects. Desjardins Insurance’s member-focused offerings and innovative service models, combined with its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, make it a popular choice for Canadians looking for affordable and reliable auto insurance.

Aviva Canada

Aviva Canada is the Canadian subsidiary of global insurer Aviva plc. It’s a major player in the Canadian insurance market. Aviva Canada is known for offering a wide range of products and for its commitment to providing excellent customer service. It offers comprehensive insurance options to both individuals and companies across Canada. Aviva Canada is a leader in Canadian insurance due to its reputation for financial stability and dependability. Aviva Canada is known for offering policies with flexible options that meet the needs of its policyholders. Aviva Canada has placed a high priority on innovation and has adopted digital technology to improve the efficiency of their services. Aviva Canada, a trusted insurance provider with a long history in Canada, continues to offer a wide range of customizable and robust auto insurance productsTop of Form

The Co-operators

The Co-operators, a respected insurance cooperative in Canada, is known for its dedication to the values of the community and its members. With a wide range of products, including auto insurance, the Co-operators has a cooperative model of business that puts its members’ needs first. The Co-operators’ cooperative business model allows policyholders to have their say on the decisions made, which fosters a community spirit and a shared sense of responsibility. It is not just for the financial strength of The Co-operators that it has been recognized, but for their active participation in environmental and social initiatives. It has demonstrated a commitment to sustainability by aligning business practices with ethical considerations. The Co-operators, in addition to offering reliable auto insurance, contribute to communities’ well-being through various community-focused and charitable initiatives. This reflects its commitment to a holistic, socially responsible approach to insurance

Allstate Insurance Company of Canada

Allstate Insurance Company of Canada is an insurance company with a significant presence in the Canadian market. It’s a subsidiary of Allstate Corporation. Allstate Canada is known for offering a wide range of products, including auto insurance, that are tailored to the needs of policyholders. It is known for its innovation and use of technology in order to improve the customer experience. Allstate’s Drivewise program is a telematics-based initiative that monitors drivers to reward them for safe driving practices. Allstate Canada’s focus is on customer education and transparency to help policyholders make an informed decision about their coverage. Financial stability and a reputation for efficient claim processing have helped Allstate Canada become a preferred choice among Canadians looking for reliable auto insurance.

State Farm Canada

State Farm Canada is a subsidiary company of State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, which has its headquarters in the United States. It holds an important position in the Canadian insurance market. State Farm Canada is renowned for providing comprehensive insurance coverage and a commitment to excellent customer service. It also offers a variety of products to suit the needs of Canadian customers, such as auto insurance. State Farm Canada is known for its longevity and for having built up a reputation of reliability and trustworthiness. State Farm Canada focuses on building long-lasting relationships with customers by providing personalized service, offering competitive premiums and being transparent.
State Farm Canada is known for its financial strength and its efficient claim processing. It instills trust in policyholders. State Farm Canada’s commitment to innovation can be seen in the way it uses technology to improve its insurance offerings. Initiatives such as telematics that monitor driving habits for possible discounts are just one example. State Farm Canada is committed to social responsibility and community involvement. This commitment further cements its position as the most trusted auto insurance provider in Canada


Belairdirect has a unique feature called “Quick Quote” that allows prospective policyholders to get a quick estimate on the internet. The company is committed to making insurance easy for customers. This emphasizes simplicity and efficiency. Belairdirect’s customer-centric philosophy and innovative technology have made it a favorite among Canadians looking for modern, accessible, and affordable insurance

Affordable Insurance

The term “affordable” appears to be a general one and does not refer to a particular insurance company. You may want to provide further details if “Affordable Insurance” is a name that you associate with a certain insurance company. It will allow me to provide you with accurate information and more relevant details about the insurance company to which you’re referring. Comparing quotes is a good way to get the best deal on car insurance

RSA Canada

RSA Canada (a subsidiary of RSA Insurance Group) is a leading player in Canada’s insurance market. RSA Canada, a subsidiary of RSA Insurance Group, is renowned for providing innovative, diverse, and flexible insurance products. The focus of the company on risk management and its comprehensive coverage options are what set it apart. RSA Canada offers policies that include accident forgiveness, additional coverage and endorsements.
RSA Insurance Group has a long history and a presence in over 300 countries. This brings wealth and experience to RSA Canada. The company uses its expertise from around the world to offer reliable, customer-centric services in the Canadian market. RSA Canada’s efficient claim handling, outstanding customer service, and dedication to corporate responsibility and sustainability have earned it recognition. RSA Canada, a trusted and well-established insurer in Canada, continues to be a top choice for businesses and individuals looking for innovative and robust auto insurance.

Car insurance in Montreal, Quebac

The monthly cost of car insurance is around 65 dollars in Montreal. Annually, the price of auto insurance can range between 700 and 900 dollars. Auto insurance costs in Montreal average $800 per year. As in all of Quebec, car insurance regulations are set forth by the province. The public automobile insurance program in Quebec is managed by the Societe de l’assurance automobile du Quebec. This plan covers personal injuries resulting from a car accident. All vehicles must have this coverage.
Drivers in Montreal can purchase an additional insurance policy for civil liability and property damage. This is in addition to the standard public plan. Private insurance providers can provide this additional coverage. Drivers are encouraged to compare rates and options and shop around.
It’s important to take into consideration factors like the amount and type of coverage you need, your deductibles and any discounts or additional features offered by insurers when looking for auto insurance in Montreal or anywhere else in Quebec. The drivers should be familiar with the laws and regulations of their province.


Car insurance in Canada is both a financial and legal necessity. It provides drivers with peace of mind and protection. This is an essential part of vehicle operation and ownership.

Who pays the most for car insurance in Canada?

Alberta had the highest annual premium for auto insurance in Canada, $3,151.As many factors go into calculating premiums, it is difficult to identify a particular individual or group who pays more for auto insurance in Canada. Young and inexperienced motorists, especially those younger than 25, often pay higher rates for insurance. Insurance providers consider this demographic to be a greater risk because they are statistically more likely to have accidents. Individuals with prior traffic infractions or accidents can also face higher premiums because they are perceived as being more likely to make future claims. The type of car, its price, and the coverage selected can also influence the insurance cost. Premiums for luxury cars and high-performance vehicles are generally higher. Location, such as urban areas with more accidents and traffic, may also affect insurance rates. The complex interaction of all these factors is what causes the wide range in insurance rates across Canada’s different regions and demographics.

Which app is best for buying car insurance?

Listed below are some Canadian insurance companies that offer apps for mobile devices:
Intact insurance Intact is one of the most prominent Canadian insurers. They may offer a mobile application that will allow you to manage all your policies, including auto insurance.
TD Insurance TD Insurance is affiliated with TD Bank and may offer a mobile application for insurance management.
Desjardins Insurance Desjardins Insurance is known to offer a variety of insurance products, including auto insurance. There may be a mobile application for policyholders.
Aviva Canada Aviva Canada is another large insurance provider that offers a mobile application for managing and purchasing insurance policies.
Allstate Canada Allstate Canada is well-known for their insurance services and may offer a mobile application to help manage policies.
Consider factors like the user interface, feature, policy management capability, and customer reviews when looking for the top app to buy car insurance in Canada.

What is the list of mandatory car insurance in Canada?

Mandatory coverage
Minimum $200,000 third-party liability
Accident benefits
British Columbia
Up to $300,000 medical coverage
Minimum $200,000 third-party liability
Underinsured motorist protection
Hit-and-run damage and injuries
$50,000 per vehicle all-perils coverage (collision and comprehensive)
Minimum $200,000 third-party liability
New Brunswick
Minimum $200,000 third-party liability
Accident benefits
Uninsured automobile coverage
Direct compensation property damage
Newfoundland and Labrador
Minimum $200,000 third-party liability
Accident benefits
Uninsured motorist coverage
Northwest Territories
Minimum $200,000 third-party liability
Accident benefits
Uninsured automobile coverage
Nova Scotia
Minimum $500,000 third-party liability
Accident benefits
Direct compensation property damage
Uninsured motorist coverage
Minimum $200,000 third-party liability
Accident benefits
Uninsured automobile coverage
Minimum $200,000 third-party liability
Accident benefits
Uninsured automobile coverage
Direct compensation property damage
Prince Edward Island
Minimum $50,000 third-party liability
Accident benefits
Direct compensation property damage
Uninsured motorist coverage
No-fault coverage for all
Minimum $50,000 civil liability coverage, including legal liability for bodily injury and property damage
Minimum $200,000 third-party liability
Accident benefits
All-perils coverage
Minimum $200,000 third-party liability
Accident benefits
Uninsured automobile coverage

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