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Ontario G1 Practice Test

The Ontario G1 test refers to the first stage in the graduated licensing system for new drivers in the province of Ontario, Canada. The G1 test is a written exam that assesses knowledge of the rules of the road, traffic signs, and other essential information for safe driving. The test will be taken on the computer that are available on the test center. If you want to start driving in Ontario, then a valid driving license is mandatory, and to get the license, you first have to pass the written driving knowledge test for the G1 license.

Our website provides you with practice tests that will help you pass the test easily. If you are going to take the G1 studying driving test and you want to check your preparation, then start with our Ontario G1 practice test so that you can see how much you prepared before the test date. The practice tests are completely free; you do not have to pay for the practice quizzes.

Eligibility Criteria

To obtain a G1 license in Ontario, individuals must meet certain eligibility criteria, including being at least 16 years old or having the consent of a parent or guardian if under 18. The first step involves studying the Official Driver’s Handbook provided by the Ministry of Transportation, which covers essential information about road signs, rules, and safe driving practices. Subsequently, individuals need to take the G1 written test at a drive test center, assessing their knowledge of traffic rules and signs.

Furthermore, it is necessary to showcase proficiency in fundamental driving maneuvers during the G1 exit test. This involves demonstrating skills such as maintaining a safe following distance and executing secure turns at intersections. The examination also encompasses a vision test, assessing the ability to see adequately for safe driving. To fulfill the vision test criteria, individuals must be capable of reading with each eye. If corrective lenses are typically worn, they must be worn during the vision test. Failure to meet the specified vision requirements will result in an inability to obtain a G1 license.

Working Procedures of our Free Ontario G1 Driving Test 

You can access all the tests without any sign-up or payment information. When you finish your test, you can get your result score instantly, and you can check your progress.

You can take the test as many times as you can, and in this way, you can practice more and more, realize your mistake, and build up your confidence, which can help in the actual test.

Practicing more will build up your confidence, and when you are ready for the official test, you can schedule it and pass it easily, then move on to the next step of getting your driving license.

Easily Pass the Ontario G1 Driving Test

If you have any concerns about passing your upcoming test or simply wish to gauge your readiness, we’ve got you covered. Utilize our complimentary Ontario G1 preparation test, which mirrors the questions and format of the actual exam. This resource allows you to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, helping you prepare effectively for the significant day. Take the test today to evaluate your progress on the path to obtaining your learner’s permit in Ontario.

The Ontario G1 driving test is a written examination administered as part of the province’s graduated licensing system. It serves as the first step for individuals seeking to obtain their learner’s permit in Ontario, Canada. The test assesses the knowledge of aspiring drivers on various aspects of road safety, traffic rules, and road signs. Successfully passing the G1 test is a prerequisite for obtaining the G1 license, which comes with certain driving restrictions. The G1 driving test is designed to ensure that new drivers have a foundational understanding of the rules of the road before advancing to the next stages of the licensing process

The Ontario G1 test consists of 40 questions, with 20 focused on the rules of the road and the remaining 20 on road signs. To successfully pass the test, individuals need to answer at least 16 questions correctly in each section. All questions are derived from content found in the Official Ministry of Transportation’s (MTO) Driver’s Handbook. Our Ontario G1 practice test is crafted using previous exam questions and is regularly updated to align with any revisions to the handbook and changes in local driving laws. Passing this test is the first step of getting your Ontario Driving License

Our Practice G1 Tests Ontario encompasses a thorough examination of questions that closely mirror those featured in the official G1 test. Comprising 19 modules, our free test includes over 500 questions carefully selected from all sections within the MTO Driver’s Handbook. Each section is comprised of around 5–20 questions, covering a range of topics such as safe and responsible driving, local traffic laws, and more. This comprehensive resource aims to adequately prepare individuals by providing a diverse set of questions representative of the content found in the official handbook.

Benefits of Choosing Our G1 Preparation Test

We offer many benefits that encourage you to choose our practice g1 tests for Ontario driving test. What we offer is given below:

  • The practice test is the same as the real test.
  • You can give the test at any time because our practice test is available for 24/7
  • You do not need to pay for the practice test. It is completely free.
  • Our Practice Test can be done on any device, like a laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc
  • Our tests are made by experts, and the people who prepare with us pass the test on their first attempt.
  • All questions that are included in this practice test are from the official driver’s handbook issued by the Ontario Government

Why choose our practice g1 tests Ontario ?

All the practice questions and tests that are available on our website are developed by the expert team and all questions are from the official driver’s handbook issued by the Ontario Government

You can get the correct answer and an instant score after you complete your quiz. You can give the test as many times as you want. There is no restriction on the number of test attempts

You can access the practice test at any time the practice quizzes are available 24/7 without nay cost. You do not have to pay if you want to attempt the practice quiz its completely free.

We know that you trust us by choosing us for the preparation of your Ontario G1 Written Test, so we assure you that

  • We acknowledge and promote the importance of our students understanding that driving carries significant responsibility.
  • We firmly believe that as a motorized vehicle operator, it is your obligation to prioritize safety and responsibility while driving.
  • Recognizing that tests, regardless of their nature, can induce stress, we emphasize the significance of maintaining calmness and focus during any examination.
  • Our commitment is to assist you in arriving well-prepared for your test, and to fulfill this goal, we have developed multiple G1 knowledge practice tests to ensure your comprehensive readiness.

When you do all the practice quizzes and you feel confident that you can now give the test, you had to register for test, and there is a fee that you had to pay. $15 is the latest fees that you had to pay for the test, and it is mandatory. You can pay by cash, online or by cheque.
When making payment by cheque, it is necessary to make the cheque payable to the Ministry of Transportation. Alternatively, if opting for payment through Interac, you will be required to furnish your banking information during the payment process.

Prior to taking your Ontario G1 test, it is essential to determine the location where the examination will be conducted. The test center varies based on the province or territory of residence. Locating the test center can be done through online searches or by consulting the phone book. You had to take the necessary document because they will demand it.

Documents to bring with you in the Drive Test Day

When you are just done with all the practice tests and your official test date has arrived, you have to bring some important documents with you on the Test center and these documents are:

  1. Acceptable identification form that contains your full name, date of birth, and recent photograph. You had to bring all the original documents because photocopies are not allowed.
  2. The receipt that you get when you register for the test and make the payment.
Ontario G1 Practice Test


If I fail in my first then can I get another chance for the Ontario G1 mock test

Yes, you will get many chances. You have the flexibility to retake the G1 exam as many times as required until you successfully pass. However, there is a mandatory waiting period of at least 14 days between each attempt. This waiting interval is in place to ensure that you have ample time to adequately prepare for the test, allowing for sufficient study and practice driving if needed.

What is the fees of Ontario G1 Driving Test

$158 is the fees for the Ontario G1 Driving Test and you had to paid it mandatory.

How many Questions are on the G1 Test ?

The number of questions on the G1 test can vary depending on the specific jurisdiction or location where the test is being administered. In Ontario, Canada, for instance, the G1 test for a driver’s license typically consists of 40 multiple-choice questions related to road signs, rules of the road, and safe driving practices. However, it’s essential to verify the current details and format of the G1 test in your specific region, as requirements might differ based on the location or updates in testing procedures.

Where to Take G1 Test ?

To take the G1 test in Ontario, you’ll need to schedule an appointment at a DriveTest center. You can book your appointment online through the official DriveTest website or by calling the DriveTest customer service phone number.

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